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YBell Swings into Spain


Our amazing YBell trainers have been on the move again, this time touching down in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world.

ybell team in spain group shot in gym
© 2019 Zenda Brand Lab, photograph by Facundo Kostelak

From 1-3 November, we teamed up with our Spanish distributor, Fit4Life, to deliver our internationally accredited YBell Instructor, and Master Trainer courses.

Day one began with 35 local fitness professionals jumping on board with our YBell Coaching Course. After experiencing a genuinely unique YBell workout, using different grips and techniques, participants learned how to create, and coach purposeful exercises with dynamic movements using a YBell. Acquiring these skills means they’re now equipped to develop exciting, fast-paced and highly variable workouts that keep their clients motivated.

Ybell workout training session, two men training together
© 2019 Zenda Brand Lab, photograph by Facundo Kostelak

On the second and third day, we switched over to our YBell Master Trainer course, with ten invited attendees. Certified Master Trainers are qualified to teach the YBell Coaching Course. Part of the assessment process requires participants to teach the instructor course back to our professional trainers. It’s intensive, hard work and a lot of fun.

After three days of training, workouts and the occasional siesta, it was a wrap. What a fantastic experience for all involved!

az in spain lifting ybells
© 2019 Zenda Brand Lab, photograph by Facundo Kostelak

Our Spanish encounter was also a welcome opportunity for our inventor, Az, to spend time with several of our valued European and UK distributors. We’re all excited to see how far the YBell has come and its growing relevance in the fitness industry. Above all, it’s the work we do in partnerships that helps to raise our profile in the market and makes us very excited about the future.

Like to learn more?

For more information on YBell education or if you’d like to be a host site, contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!