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The YBell is multipurpose piece of fitness equipment for Every Body.  It’s been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible.

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The YBell is a multi purpose fitness tool, so it’s not all about weight.  There are 5 sizes ranging from extra small (4.3kg) to extra large (12kg). There is a YBell for everyone.

Check out our insta feed for different ways the YBells are used by prominent personal trainers, gyms, outdoor training groups as well as home users.

Click here to find a YBell distributor in your region.  If you can’t find a YBell distributor in your region, send us a message at and we’ll let you know when there is a distributor in your region.

YBells aren’t available in retail stores just yet, but give us a shout at and we can add you to our mailing list and will let you know as soon as they are available near you!


You can sign up to the Free Introductory Workouts on the YBellfitness website

You’ll have access to the Introductory Workouts for 30 days from when you first sign up.  Once the Introductory Workouts have expired, you can then subscribe to either (or all!) the YBell Beginners Program, Intermediate Program or Advanced Program. Each program is $9.99 (including GST) per month.  

​If you aren’t sure which one you should try after trying the Introductory Workouts, then ask Az at!

There are three YBell Programs – Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced and each program costs AU$9.99 per month (including GST).

The Beginners Program is a 4 week program that will help you  look better, move better, and feel better. It has 2 x YBell conditioning sessions, 1 Mobility and 1 Agility session every week for 4 weeks. This program builds the foundation of a simple, effective and sustainable training solution.

Committing to the 5 week Intermediate Program of 2 Strength and Conditioning sessions, 1 Mobility and 1 Agility session every week will take you to the next level in your fitness journey.

The Advanced Program is a challenging 6 week program for people who have tried the YBell introductory workouts, are well conditioned for high intensity training, have trained with equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and med balls and have decided the Advanced Program is right for you. There is a step up in intensity that comes with using 2 YBells and the addition of some gruelling animal ladders in the Mobility and Agility sessions.

Each program is AU$9.99 (including GST) per month.

You can sign up to the Free Introductory Workouts on the YBellfitness website

Once you’ve signed up to the YBellfitness website, you can purchase the YBell Programming.

Ask Az!  Az is the inventor of the YBell and has designed the YBell programs. He’s often online in our Forum to answer any questions about programming and training. You can check it out here.


You can subscribe to the programs on the YBellfitness website. Once you’ve signed up to the YBellfitness website you can purchase the YBell Programs.

The YBell Introductory Programs expire after 30 days.

You should log into your account, click on the Account icon and you can cancel your subscriptions in the Subscription Details section of the page.

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